Hello everyone. I am feeling inspired today about marketing and branding my business. I have been learning all about email campaigning and I thought I would share some of my findings with you!

Marketing and branding are KEY to getting your name out there and finding new clients, no matter what business you’re in so part of my new strategy for 2020 is to really learn and understand what it is that my potential future clients are looking for – and why they hire me as a photographer rather than anyone else.

Here are a few links below that have really helped me in the past few months. They are free and super helpful!

Heart of The South West Grow Hub – this provides FREE business advise for small businesses in the South West

Sticky Marketing Tools – Free online training videos that talk you through how to build you business through marketing.

As a branding photographer based in Exeter it’s really helpful to know that there is free business help and advise out there.

If you or your business are looking to update your branding images please contact me for more information.

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