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Are you starting a new business and need some creative beautiful photography?

Well, I can help you…

As a small business owner myself, I know how difficult it is to be building a website and keeping on top of your social media. Having the best, most relevant pictures to tell your story and keep them constantly up to date is hard, even if you own a fancy camera and take pictures all the time.

I offer services to help companies ‘start up’ by photographing their brands and giving them fresh and beautiful imagery for their new sites and socials. This may be anything from a natural headshot of you at work, or a more personal style with your kids, at home or in the park, this would be perfect for the ‘hello this is me’ on your website. Then we can look at images for your site or of your products. This is where we can get creative and have fun. My professional and approachable style will help you achieve this.

Below are some examples of my most recent work

Rachel came to me looking for beautiful images to showcase her gorgeous jewellery made of recycled sterling silver. Every item is handcrafted for each order, therefore wonderfully bespoke to each and every client. Making my job as the photographer easy, create stunning images that really displayed her work to it’s highest form, yet be creative and add your own style.

The brief was simple – lifestyle shots of a model wearing her products and showcasing them to their best potential….

I was able to be creative and have fun with colour, various backgrounds and lots of different perspectives.

Rachel Shrieves Design – Jewellery Designer

Lily was a pleasure to work with for my jewellery model shots she did for me. She was professional and enthusiastic and came up with some amazing creative ideas for the shots so I had a wide selection for my website. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and would most definitely work with her again.

More case studies coming soon….

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